DIY Termite Monitoring System

The "DIY Termite Monitors" has been developed using that latest knowledge about Termite foraging behaviour and good old field knowledge (the things we have learnt by trial and error).

Science has shown that termites forage freely in soil that is within the 255 to 375 micron range and when this soil contains moderate to high levels of moisture the termite foraging activity is increased greatly. Termites have the ability to size up & evaluate the food value of material found during their foraging activity. They then recruit other termites to effectively retrieve this perceived food value.

That is where the DIY Termine Monitor fits in, combining 'cellulose and non cellulose material' to give the termites a false food size value, one much larger than the true cellulous content. The centre core of the nester provides the non cellulose bulk and tricks the termites into thinking that there is more food than there actually is. This combines to create:

Your Options

You can make use of DIY Termite Monitors in a number of ways:

You could also:

If you buy 1000 or more DIY Termite Monitors we can even brand the lids with your company name or telephone number.