Altis Reticulation System

Altis: Technically Advanced Anti-Termite System

Why ALTIS is THE Reticulation System

The only system which:

Easiest to install

Testing & Upgrading

Altis is constantly being tested and upgraded.

Recent tests using a non-repellent termiticide show that over a 45 metre distance there is complete and even distribution over the entire length of the system. No other system can match these results.

The most recent landmark is CodeMark certificate of Conformity - the certification covers the following BCA (Building Codes of Australia) clauses:

1. Volume One: BP1.1 and BP1.2 (limited only to actions by subterranean termites)
2. Volume Two: P2.1 (limited only to actions by subterranean termites)
3. State Additions: Volume Two: QLD P2.1.1 (limited only to actions by subterranean termites)


Recent changes have seen the replacement of 25mm Class 12 PVC pipe* and glued fittings have been replaced by for manifold sections, with crushable plastic and patented jointing with ratchet clamps.

Another change has occurred with the joiners for the ribbon. All joiners are now patented slip joints or "Screwlock" fittings.

Both changes result in considerable time savings for installers.

*25mm Class 12 pipe is still being used for the "Premium system"

Why is Reticulation the best Termite Management System?